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Case Sensitivity, Git, OSX, and You.

So, as a developer, there's a really good chance you build your websites using OSX, and that's great. I do it too and I really enjoy it. That being said, there's a little ... feature ... in the OSX filesystem of case-insensitivity on your files. This makes a lot of things easier for you when you're testing sites locally, but when you deploy to that, say, CentOS box and are reaching for your JS file that is named camelcase.js which it should be named camelCase.js, you're in big trouble.

So, because of that case insensitivity, if you rename the file in git, it's not going to notice, to the level that git mv just as a standard won't work. So, force it.

git mv -f camelcase.js camelCase.js

And check that sucker in. Solution found.

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