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Design Book Recommendations

I sent this tweet out the other day -

I’m making it a point this year to read more about design, the principles behind it, and the science of it - I would like some book recs

and also asked in the Filament Group chat room and have received some pretty good responses so far:

Edward Tufte's Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Design of Everyday Things

Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works

The Elements of Typographic Style

Pantone Guide to Communicating With Color

A Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility

Interaction of Color: Revised Edition

Meggs History of Graphic Design

O'Reilly's Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

Thinking with Type

Universal Principles of Design

Don't Make Me Think

How Buildings Learn


Yell at me on twitter (@jefflembeck) if you have any others you'd like to contribute.

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